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Slovenian Jazz & Impro

Slovenian Jazz & Impro is the first edition of the playlist series, which we prepared as part of the Digital Train for Slovenian Music project. In the first part, we present the tracks and their albums of 28 jazz & improv bands, which are now available on all major streaming music platforms.

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NEW FACES 2024: Open Call for Promising Young Professionals

As the echoes of success from New Faces 2023 continue to resonate, the regional music scene is once again abuzz with anticipation as the New Faces initiative launches its Open Call for 2024. This year's mission is to discover and support ten of the most promising young music professionals (up to 30 years old) from former Yugoslavia region, empowering them to transform their musical dreams into reality with the guidance of seasoned industry professionals.

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And the HEMI Music Award for 2024 goes toooo... badfocus!

The emerging project of the Prague-based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Prokop Korb is the one who makes it first to the finish line for the total prize value of € 5.000!

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Listen to monthly updated playlists of Slovenian music! Currated by members of the consortium of Music Slovenia and other cool people.

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