Slovenian moMENTs @ Waves Vienna 2019

Waves Vienna, here we come again!

Friday, 27 September, 17:30 @ Nuu Gallery

The Slovenian reception at Waves Vienna has become a traditional guarantee of an unforgettable introduction to Friday's gigs. You will have the chance to hear some magnificent Slovenian artists with an excellent Bevog beer in your hand, and grab some gourmet snacks afterwards. The selected musicians this year are zalagasper, Noair and Neomi. You are kindly invited to spend some quality time with us! 

Presented by SKICA, SIGIC, Music Slovenia and MENT Ljubljana.
Supported  by Bevog.

Friday, 27 September, 20:00 @ Aula

A few years ago, this Ljubljana-based band brought a breath of fresh air to the Slovenian pop scene and then disappeared for some time, only to return with a new sonic vision. Be it in Slovene or English, their songs are always a mixture of various shades of pop intertwined with a simply charming voice. People will most likely describe them as an indie or perhaps an electro pop band, but they prefer to follow intuitive creation, in one way or another, unlimited in sound and scope.

Saturday, 28 September, 19:00 @ Ottakringer Stage

Sailing between idyllic melodicism and self-destructive chaos, this quintet from the Slovenian coast characterizes its music as alternative pop. So far they have released two albums, played on the radio show »Izštekani« on the national radio, did a series of online concerts known as »Live Behind the Curtains« and had a number of club gigs. Their style, a nod to the likes of Jeff Buckley, Muse and Radiohead, is an amalgam of multifarious genres and is, of course, best experienced in a live environment.

Saturday, 28 September, 22:30 @ Hakuma Stage 

“zalagasper” (aka Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl) only started their joint musical path in 2017. Their first song ‘Valovi’ took over Slovenian fans and radio stations and won the Slovenian annual music award Zlata piščal for the best song of 2017. In 2019 they released their first EP “Štiri”. They became the unexpected but very welcome Slovenian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest with their song ‘Sebi’. Recently, they released their first song in English called ‘Come to me’.