SUM UP – international singing, acting and stage movement workshop

The opera singing workshop will take place in Maribor from October 30th to November 3rd. Dead-line for application: October 20.

The programme has been co-created with some of the finest and internationally known artists with a specific goal of offering a program of the highest level to young artists, as well as to those who have already obtained and displayed their knowledge in Slovenia and around the globe. Organisers wish to offer all the participants and artists a first-rate possibility to study and perform musical repertoire, so they can prepare for audition process with quality or simply to expand their knowledge. Due to the specific orientation of Masterclass courses, the participants usually receive knowledge only from a specific field of operatic art, such as vocal technique, etc., but here, the goal is to offer singers a wider range of information that will improve the abilities necessary for the quality performance of opera art. Therefore, in addition to working closely on classical singing with superb mentors, participants will also receive Acting lessons as well as Stage movement lessons given by field experts. 

Special emphasis will  be on the Final Concert of Masterclass Specific where all the attendees will have a chance to show the newly gained knowledge of this masterclass. The concert will not only be of great importance for the participants but it will also represent a possibility for wider audience to hear talented artists, who may lack a range of opportunities to present themselves autonomously.

Sum-up Masterclass offers participants unique experience, that differs from traditional study process. Each individual will obtain as much as possible, from excellent accompanists, quality rehearsal halls, option of passive participation, to video footage of masterclass as well as of the final concert. Besides artistic abilities, Masterclass provides participants advanced comprehension for development of their own careers in modern world. Furthermore, it helps them transition from student into professional part of life and opens possibilities for competitiveness in the market.

Further information and enrollment: