Slovenian MoMENTs @ BUSH 2019

Slovene delegation to Budapest Showcase Hub will not only include a hefty part of the MENT team but also Slovenian festival and concert promoters, representatives of record labels and others. Come by and say hi at the two Slovene gigs: КУКЛА & Lynch

КУКЛА is a self-proclaimed Slavic gangsta geisha pop artist. Singing mostly about weapons and love, КУКЛА is constantly fighting battles within herself and with the outer world. Her pop sound captures the current gender non conforming youth of the West, while still maintaining a special Slavic introspection and fatalism. There’s a clear stylistic resemblance to Milosevic era Serbian female singers and a nod to R&B goddesses of the Bush era America. On the stage she lets her guards down, enriches her distinctive sound with dazzling visuals and puts her heart on the plate.

In January 2019 she released her debut album ‘Katarina’ that “contains the innocence of a newborn who is screaming into the yet unknown world, but also the well-versed melancholia of a person at the verge of writing a suicide letter” and “makes the listener feel like Kукла is playing in the closet – choosing dresses, picking identities, only to face the world even more naked and raw than she ever was before”.

Lynch are one of the most active and hardworking bands of the youngest generation on the Slovenian underground scene. Their guitar acrobatics tend to stray away from the traditional rock pose and in doing so tell the evolutionary tale of music and mind of young creative souls that ranges from high school punk rock to noisy composed pieces for the rock ensemble. But beware of surprises – the songs tend to change direction when you least expect it! Not unlike David Lynch’s films, even though no two tunes sound alike, they all carry a recognizable sound. Yet at the end of the day, it’s still just four lads on stage, uncompromisingly grinding their instruments and not pretending to be anything more than that.


In 2017 they performed at MENT and were also handpicked to participate in Club Marathon, a tour of best upcoming underground Slovenian artists, hosted by Radio Študent, the oldest student radio station in Europe. In 2018 they garnered noteworthy reviews for their Tallinn Music Week performance with mentions in every major report done on the festival. In April 2019 they announced their collaboration with one of the most important alternative labels in the country KAPA Records by digitally releasing their new single [Post-sup Revival].

Supported by: MENT, Kino Šiška, SIGIC and Music Slovenia.