Slovenian Moments @ ESNS 2020 Slovenian Moments @ ESNS 2020

MENT @ ESNS! with Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl and Haiku Garden

Thursday, 16 Jan | All Round Poolcentrum | 22:15

Haiku Garden is four young dudes from Ljubljana, Slovenia who play noisy, guitar-driven music, interlaced with poppy vocal harmonies. On top of that add some shoe-gaze, dream pop, neo-psych and noise rock are all brought together to make a mighty whole. During their performances the band is saturated in visuals courtesy of fifth member Kristina in order to create a truly mind-altering audiovisual experience.

Friday, 17 Jan | Grand Theatre, Up | 20:45

zalagasper is a Slovenian electro-pop duo that use their honesty and silky touch to make unique music. Their first song Valovi became a big deal in Slovenia, winning over both fans and radio stations. They then joined forces with the UMG label and their biggest hit Sebi won an EMA and made it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. The live show goes from very relaxed to super groovy.

Co-financed by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia The Hague. Supported by MENT LjubljanaVal 202Music Slovenia & Sigic.