Open Call for Music Residency

The one-month residency project at BASIS focuses on the exploration and recording of innovative music creation by a group of five musicians aged 20-30. BASIS provides top-tier equipment for this purpose.

Simultaneously, the project aims to integrate residents into ongoing community music initiatives, specifically "BASIS of Music" (a learning group for music-studying kids) and our weekly Jam sessions, both vital assets to our local music community. This intentional collaboration has a dual purpose: first, fostering creativity and the production of innovative music by the residents, and second, actively involving residents in established community activities to enrich our local music scene. We firmly believe that music is inherently linked to community, reflecting and being shaped by shared experiences, cultural influences, and collaborative expressions within that community. This conviction underscores our commitment to having residents participate in our communal endeavors.


- Artists and cultural professionals (A&CPs) residing in other Creative Europe countries (non italian residents)*

- Date: September 01. - September 30.

- Duration: 30 days

- Accomodation covered and  within the structure in shared rooms in Maisonette Apartments

- Daily allowance per A&CP: 25€

- Travel allowance up to 700€ (depending on the travel route; only from and to location of residnece)

- During the one month there will be different activities with a clear outcome and Mentoring Sessions

- Application via:

- Application Deadline: May 20.

You can find more information HERE.