freekind. are recipients of the Music Moves Europe award

On Thursday, January 18, the Music Moves Europe music awards were presented in Groningen, the Netherlands. There were 5 winners among the 15 nominees. Among them the duo freekind..

The expert jury said: "We love everything about freekind.. Their music is like a huge hug. So dreamy." Upon receiving the award, the two musicians said: "We are happy that we have received recognition from the music industry for our music, which shares a message of hope and optimism. We hope that this award means that in today's world more and more people think the same way and opens the door to like-minded people. Therefore, I really thank the expert committee, our team and everyone who comes to the concert, hears our music and believes in its message."

The prestigious Grand Jury Prize and the MME Public Choice Award went to the Frenchwoman Zaho de Sagazan. Among other recipients were the Slovenian-Croatian duo freekind.Bulgarian Cartrader from Bulgaria, Giift from Denmark, yunè pinku from Ireland and Ralphie Choo from Spain.