Slovenian moMENTs @ ESNS 2021

ESNS goes totally digital in 2021 and this means the 3 Slovene acts will be presented through pre-recorded live videos. Join us and enjoy the recordings of AKA Neomi, Ana Kravanja & Samo Kutin and Etceteral.

13 JAN, 20:10 @ ESNS 02 Channel 

Psychedelic pop and trip-hop with a downtempo acoustic feel, AKA Neomi enticingly toys around with catchy melodies, lyrical texts and dreamy vocals. A talented group of musicians – known in their home country Slovenia simply as Neomi – kicked off 2020 with the release of their new album Beautiful Disasters, reminding us that life flies by so quickly.

15 JAN, 21:40 @ ESNS 04 Channel

Ana Kravanja and Samo Kutin are two thirds of the internationally celebrated band Širom, who together they have been a mainstay of the creative music scene in Slovenia as well. In this tandem they blend the hurdy gurdy, plucked string instruments, tambura, brač and çifteli with acoustic resonators, viola, violin and Ana’s voice. On their 2020 album Cumulus Spores they place each note exactly where it belongs, to create songs that recall ancient fairy tales.

15 JAN, 22:55 @ ESNS 04 Channel

Etceteral is a vehicle for the exploration of repetitive polyrhythmic electro-acoustic music, for which the Slovenian trio draws upon influences from Krautrock and Afro-Futurism. The group is made up of saxophonist Boštjan Simon, drummer Marek Fakuč and visual artist Lina Rica. Their purpose is to create a propulsive rhythmic feel by forging an intricate symbiosis between one synth, two acoustic instruments and interactive visuals.

Supported by MENT Ljubljana, Music Slovenia, Centre for Creativity & Val 202.