FIELDS RS is hosting 6 Slovenian artists

The Fields festival of inventive music sets off its first relocation edition and going to search for Balkan artifacts, dig into European avant-garde, and share its native culture.

The Moscow festival has made thousands of kilometers to the southeast and relocated to Belgrade. This year festival's multi-layered program will take place on June 16-18 at three locations: the Jevremovac Botanical Garden, the cinema hall of Dom omladine (Youth House), and the Drugstore summer stage.

During its past Fields was developing a new cultural atmosphere that brought together curious musical pleasure seekers of many eras, subcultures, and points of view. Post-ravers and ethno-futurists, jazz punks and academic nihilists, pop reformers, and transcendent avant-gardists used to meet each other at the Fields.

The current Fields RS edition is an ecstatic experience exchange. A biased investigation of a new sonic landscape and a temporary rebuilding of one's own, a convergence of cultures, and a small celebration of music hedonism.

Fields RS will embark on an adventurous excursion beyond genre buoys. Avant-folk and queer electronics in Slovenian style, Belgrade dub and traditional acapella from the Serbian countryside, American guitar minimalism, British rave paradise, new age escapism from Russia, and much more.

Among other things, Fields revives the tradition of curatorial programs. To get to know the local culture better, the festival has invited two curators: a legend of Serbian folk and jazz avant-garde Svetlana Spajić, and the greatest promo team for non-format dance electronics — SUTRA.

James Holden (UK)
Rhys Chatham (US)
Wacław Zimpel (PL)
Ishome (RU)
Širom (SI)
Darla Smoking (SI)
Shadowax (RU)
Ушко (UK)
Александр Залупин (RU)
Discours Synthétique (EE)
Headhop (RS)
Inturist (RU/IL)
Marzahn (RU)
Shekuza (SI)
Soft Blade (RU)
Thea Soti (DE)
Warrego Valles (SI)
X.Y.R. (RU)

More artists TBA

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