Miha Gantar in company of the best

Second box set 'Amsterdam' by composer Miha Gantar, released in October on Clean Feed, was ranked fifth in the 'Best Boxed Sets' category in 2023 in the SPIN magazine.

Slovenian pianist and composer Miha Gantar, who lives and works in Amsterdam, apparently likes to release five albums at once. Last year, he released his debut album, a five-album box set entitled Introducing, on Clean Feed, and this year's collection of five albums recorded in different ensembles (trio, quintet, duo, double and solo piano) is called Amsterdam. Avant-jazz stalwart Reggie Workman described Gantar's approach as a fresh sound that has never been heard before.

In the New York music magazine SPIN, published since 1985, described this year as an exceptional year for of box set releases and expanded reissues. Gantar's Amsterdam box set was featured on the music list of the top twenty box set releases and reissues of 2023, featuring big names in popular music and jazz such as Prince, Bob Marley, Sun Ra, Hawkwind, Otis Redding, Pharoah Sanders, Aretha Franklin, The Who, Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell and others, are featured on the fifth place.