Jazz in The Park Competition

Jazz in the Park is one of the leading jazz festivals in Eastern Europe. They focus on developing audiences and promoting Jazz especially in Romania, giving people access to various jazz artists, in a relaxed context, where everybody feels at ease. We also focus on giving value to unused public spaces. This is why we use parks and all kinds of creative venues.

Why a competition?

As you may know, a festival has limited opportunities for young acts. Nonetheless, they feel a responsibility to foster growth in the jazz industry and provide young jazz artists with a chance to be noticed. Their competition is structured like an open-air festival, presenting talented young musicians to our local community.

A competition that runs exactly like a festival: multiple stages, many activities, people having fun. Basically, you are playing at a festival and you should focus on delivering a great experience to the audience. Just keep in mind that somewhere in the audience, there is a jury that will decide if you are the next winner.

No submission fee. Applications are online, and if you make it to the final, great things might happen.

ALL FINALISTS GET PAID: They value your time and effort and they know how important the summer season is. This is why all finalists selected will receive a bonus prize of 1.000 EUR.

THEY COVER THE TRANSPORT​: Each finalist will receive a transport budget to help cover costs, up to 1.000 EURO/band.

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