New Faces 2024

In its second consecutive year, the New Faces 2024 initiative continues to shine a spotlight on 10 emerging talents in the regional music scene. Led by esteemed regional festivals and conferences – MENT Ljubljana (Slovenia), Kontakt (Serbia), SHIP (Croatia), and PIN Music Conference (North Macedonia) – this initiative highlights ten dynamic and motivated music professionals.

Hailing from the former Yugoslav countries and all under the age of 30, these individuals have significantly influenced both the local and broader music landscape.

Initiatives like New Faces 2024 play a pivotal role in providing youth with invaluable networking and educational opportunities within the regional music space. As articulated by the initiative partners, "The music scene comprises not only the performers on stage but also numerous behind-the-scenes contributors, including event promoters, journalists, publishers, managers, and various hidden participants in the music business."

The response to this year's call, concluding in December 2023, was overwhelming, with over 80 applications received. Festival partners meticulously selected the ten most outstanding individuals, who will be rewarded with tickets to regional conferences and festivals, exclusive access to online delegate databases, and full coverage of travel and accommodation expenses at partner conferences abroad.

New Faces 2024:

Nemanja Ćirić (Concert Organizer, Promoter; Karmakoma Club; Belgrade)

Nemanja Ćirić is a dynamic multitasker, seamlessly wearing various hats as an organizer, program editor, musician, and live show producer. Having served as an in-house promoter for KC Grad, Nemanja's brilliance extended across Belgrade and the region, organizing bold concerts in unconventional venues like Akab Okretnica, Drugstore, and Kvaka 22. Since 2020, he has been an integral part of the music team for the Samit Nesvrstanih festival. He is currently working for the newest club in Belgrade, Karmakoma.

Mirna Čupić (Booking Agent, Concert Organizer; KSET; Zagreb)

Mirna Čupić is a versatile professional deeply entrenched in Croatia's music and festival scene. Leading KSET's booking team since 2021, she excels in event management, project writing, and concert organization. Mirna's festival experience extends to SHIP, Motovun Film Festival, and Tam Tam festival, where she manages hospitality and stages. In 2022, Mirna ventured into the international music industry through MOST Management Training Pillar and also showcases her musical talent as a guitarist and vocalist in the bands kaleido and panakota.

Jovana Đokić (Organizer, Journalist; Tanjug; Belgrade)

Jovana is an ambitious young woman with a passion for music. Believing that her place lies between the spotlight and the audience, she graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade with a focus on Cultural Management and Theatre and Radio Production. Jovana channels her creative energy into crafting events with a distinctive generational signature, showcasing her commitment to innovation and cultural expression. Currently, she lends her storytelling skills as a journalist at Tanjug, where she continues to explore the fascinating intersection of music, culture, and the art of communication.

Staš Kramar (Concert Organizer; Nimaš Izbire Collective; Ljubljana)

Staš has been active in Ljubljana as an event organiser and manager, leading Štrom event series as a part of Nimaš Izbire collective - hosting more than 20 events, with prolific acts from all around the world. While finishing his BA in Multimedia production focused in Event Management, he interned at various radio stations in Rotterdam, Berlin and Bristol, bringing successful practices and methods back to the regional alternative scene. He’s been involved in music journalism, radio programme and event production at Radio Študent, while also engaging in all kinds of event production and implementation related jobs at venues such as Cankarjev Dom Cultural and Congress Centre, clubs K4, Channel Zero, Gala Hala, Gromka and similar.

Katja Jukić (Music Journalist, PR Professional; Tvornica Kulture,, JeboTon, Sea Star Festival; Zagreb)

Katja, a graduate student of Portuguese and Croatian language and literature, emerged as a music journalist after completing Mala škola Rock&Off novinarstva in 2019. Starting at Sound Report, she rapidly advanced, joining in November 2021. Driven by passion for the music industry, Katja volunteered at KSET, delving into concert production and stage management. In 2022, she took on a PR role at Zagreb's Tvornica kulture, and later expanded her influence by joining JeboTon, an independent label. Keen on discovering fresh talent, she remains dedicated to tracking the Croatian and regional music scene, attending concerts and festivals—the true joys in her world.

Ramona Monja Kochishka (Concert Organizer, Coordinator, PR Professional; Password Production; Skopje)

Ramona currently stands as the PR and Marketing Manager at Password Production, embracing her intrinsic connection to the realm she once contemplated breaking free from. Beyond her managerial role, Ramona plays pivotal parts as a Festival Coordinator, Location Manager, and Project Assistant for renowned events like Makedox, MTF "Vojdan Chernodrinski," and the SHIP Festival. Her diverse roles reflect a deep-seated commitment to the dynamic world she now calls home.

Milica Lazović (Music Journalist, PR Professional; Kragujevac)

Milica Lazović has immersed herself in the music industry from a young age. With a diverse background in volunteering, podcasting, and organizing events, she has found her niche in live shows, particularly from the promoter's perspective. As an aspiring professional in music journalism, Milica is dedicated to continuous growth within the industry. Her lifelong passion for music has fueled her interest in understanding and narrating its ever-evolving landscape. Eager to contribute fresh insights, she envisions being part of a team that shares her enthusiasm for music journalism as a fulfilling journey where she can merge her fervor with purpose.

Ismail Myrseli (Concert Promoter, Booker, Producer; Yugofuturism; Pristina)

Ismail Myrseli, a cultural professional, promoter, and art worker based in Pristina, is a dynamic force in the vibrant music scene. Currently serving as a project manager at the National Art Gallery of Kosovo, Ismail actively collaborates with various venues in Pristina, booking artists from Western and Eastern Europe through the international booking platform "YUGOFUTURISM," based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Specializing in curating diverse musical and film-related experiences, Ismail passionately fosters cultural connections. His active engagement extends across the Balkans and beyond, where he collaborates with promoters to bring together artists and audiences.

Manca Ogrin (Producer; SIGIC – Slovenian Music Information Center; Vrhnika)

Manca is a passionate advocate for Slovenian music who currently serves as a professional associate at the Slovenian Music Information Centre (SIGIC). Her musical odyssey began by co-curating the program of the Cankarjada music and theatre festival at Zakon club in Vrhnika and the festival Poletje v bazenu. She briefly moved to Prague, where she delved into the intricacies of selling music in the dynamic film and advertising industries. Currently, as an associate at SIGIC, Manca spearheads the project "Digital train for Slovenian music," with her dedication to the advancement of the local music scene. Her collaboration with the European project Europe in Sync further underlines her commitment to fostering international connections. Manca has left an indelible mark through her involvement in key projects, including the impactful Music Slovenia activities with a focus on social media engagement.

Ognen Stojanoski (Production Manager; Password Production; Skopje)

Ognen's transition from festival enthusiast to organizer showcases his deep passion for events. As the production manager at Password Production, he oversees D Festival, Taksirat Festival, and PIN Conference. From arranging logistics to conducting interviews, Ognen's involvement spans various festivals, including MakeDox and FacesWithoutMasks, and extends to events like Skopje Open. Beyond festivals, he actively works on creating opportunities for young artists through Youth For Skopje. His commitment is evident in the late hours he puts in, highlighting his dedication to the vibrant world of event management.