#WeMakeEvents: Are the music industry and its related industries on the cusp of oblivion? (VIDEO)

On 7th March 2020 the entire music industry came to a halt because of the coroavirus pandemic. Countless festivals, concerts and tours have been cancelled in the last 6 months.

Music events are currently held in a limited form, thus delivering a truncated experience to its audience. A distance of 8 meters in length is observed between performing musicians and their audience. Owing to many limitations, concerts have not only become rare events, but also financially untenable, impacting all who work in the concert industry. 

The international campaign #WeMakeEvents aims to bring awareness to this predicament. To inform the public of the complexities of the music industry and the consequences of its current impossible working conditions, Slovenian musicians have made the video #MiDelamoDogodke attached below. 

The video is a collective effort and collaboration of members of different prominent Slovenian bands and music industry talents of all kinds. Among the performers we find Gregor Skočir (Big Foot Mama), Sašo Avsenik, DJ Umek, Vesna Zornik (Katalena, Brest), Jure Pukl, Matevž Šalehar - Hamo and Dejan Krajnc (Poskočni muzikanti), as well as concert producers: Nina Hudej (Pritličje), Mitja Prezelj (Nomad), Andrej Sevšek (Punk Rock Holiday, Gala hala), Bogdan Benigar (Cankarjev dom), and the director of the Nova Gorica Cultural centre Pavla Jarc, light designer Črt Birsa (Blackout Lightning Design), sound engineer Max Gregor (GoUp Production) and last but not least, psychologist and sound engineer Tisa Frelih.

Camera: Jaka Čurlič
Interviews: Toni Cahunek
Editing: Toni Cahunek and Jaka Čurlič
Design: Maja Horvat
Music: Shadow Universe

The video is supported by the consortium Music Slovenia, which was founded by Sigic - Slovenian Music Information Centre.  

You can follow developments at: