Slovenian moMENTs @ Sharpe 2022

From Slovenia to Slovakia with music! We’ve been visiting our favorite mix up country even before Sharpe and are now more than happy to host the first ever Slovenian moMENTs reception at the festival completed by the Meet the Slovenes networking and shows of 4 Slovene artists: Freekind, rouge-ah, Shekuza & Sahareya.

Join us on Saturday at 17:00 at the Nova Cvernovka bar for some tasty Bevog beer & snacks.

Presented by MENT, Kino Šiška, SIGIC & Music Slovenia.
Supported by Bevog.

Freekind | Friday, 22 April, 19:20 @ Club Cverna

Shekuza | Friday, 22 April, 22:40 @ Underground

rouge-ah | Saturday, 23 April, 21:40 @ Kabinet

Sahareya | Saturday, 23 April, 22:20 @ Radio_FM stage

Saturday @ Conference
10:30 - Meet the Slovenes - speed networking @ Kabinet Stage

17:00 - Slovenian moMENTs Reception @ Bar

The Slovenian delegation includes representatives of MENT Ljubljana, Kino Šiška, SIGIC, Music Slovenia, Moonlee Records, Gala hala, Channel Zero, Pri Rdeči Ostrigi, Festival Tresk, Rdeče zore Festival, In Memoriam prof. Peter Hafner Festival, Radio Študent and others.