Ljubljana festival SONICA completes 2023 lineup

The festival of contemporary electronic music and transitory art SONICA has finalised its 2023 lineup.

New additions include musicians Aho Ssan, rouge-ah, Aleksandra Bajde and Isabella Forciniti, DJs Tadi, Kӣr, Katcha, Anásta and msn gf, and artists Darsha Hewitt, Andreas Trobollowitsch, Uršula Berlot, Luna Woelle and Simon Whetham.

The new names join previously announced acts like Lucrecia Dalt, Nihiloxica, ABADIR, Bitter Babe, Ale Hop and N/OBE.


Lucrecia Dalt (CO)
Nihiloxica (UGa/UK) | Aho Ssan (FR) I ABADIR (EG/DE)
Kӣr (RS) I Ale Hop (PE) I Bitter Babe (CO/US) | N/OBE (HR) I Tadi (XK) 

Aleksandra Bajde, Uršula Berlot & Isabella Forciniti (SI/IT)
rouge-ah (SI) I Katcha (SI) I Anásta (SI) I msn gf (SI)

Darsha Hewitt (CA) I Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT)
Luna Woelle (SI) I Simon Whetham (UK)

The theme of the 15th edition, Translocal Underground, alludes to the complex nexus of aesthetic tangents and transgeographical connections that characterise contemporary music production, which is locally inspired but globally-oriented. We live in a globalised world where local microscenes are connected in a superorganism, a kind of mycelium of translocal underground creativity that spreads across all four continents. 

In addition to presenting contemporary regional creativity, the focus is on artists from non-European musical traditions, especially from Africa and Latin America. The last decade has seen the emergence of many new trends on the international electronic and experimental music scene, especially at the crossroads between folk music, contemporary club genres and trendy experimental electronica. SONICA aims to present to the Slovenian public a representative selection of contemporary electronic music creativity that exists beyond the local imagination. The festival traditionally includes various exhibitions, performances, premieres and talks.


Kino Šiška, Cukrarna, Channel Zero, Gala Hala, Cankarjev dom, MoTA LAB
19.22. 4. 2023

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