Slovenian Moments @ Waves Vienna 2021

Back at Waves with three Slovene acts!

Sat, Sep 11th, 13:00 @ Wombat’s Hostel

The Slovenian reception at Waves Vienna has become a traditional guarantee of an unforgettable introduction to Slovenian artists & delegates. You will have the chance to meet some magnificent Slovenian delegates with an excellent Bevog beer in your hand, and grab some snacks afterwards.
The selected musicians at Waves this year are EtceteralFreekind. and Lelee.

Presented by SKICASIGICMusic Slovenia and MENT Ljubljana.

Fri, Sep 10th, 19:30 @ Pfarrsaal

A new chapter of regional neo soul creativtiy is currently being written by the Croatian pianist and vocalist Sara Ester Gredelj and Slovenian drummer Nina Korošak Serčič. The philosophy that the two musicians live and share with the world through their music is encapsulated in the very name of their band: be free, be kind. Carrying a strong message, their deep lyrics are given wings by soul, R&B and jazz grooves. In their musical expression, they pay homage to role models such as Noname, D’Angelo, and Common. While their debut album is still in the works, expect a heavy dose of original modern soul written by two inspiring artists, all in the ‘Be Free, Be Kind’ spirit.

Sat, Sep 11th, 23:15 @  Pfarrsaal

This bunch of experienced music adventurers is devoted to the sincerity of guitar music and the legacy of the Yugoslav music scene. Its members are known from various projects such as TRUS!, Borghesia and Rush to Relax. Together, they embarked on a series of new sonic adventures that connect the dots between their hometowns Bitola, Belgrade and Ljubljana. Their music reminds us of a time when pop was still punk. In their catchy tracks, the old Balkan rock and roll spirit lives on, most distinctly through the temperamental lyrics in their native tongues. Hectic drums, spacious and expressive bass lines, jagged and angular guitar riffs, expressive (fe)male vocals and high energy levels—this is Lelee.


Sat, Sep 11th, 00:45 @ WUK Foyer

Through the exploration of repetitive polyrhythmic structures, the band’s unique fusion of electronics, exploratory jazz and afrofuturism produces unusual multidimensional sonic dialogues. The tandem of drum and saxophone conjures up a play of sequences and patterns that include improvisational excursions through the black holes of science fiction, synesthetically reflected through the impressive visualizations of visual artist Lina Rica. Their debut album “Ama-gi”, released last year via the local Kapa Records, brings forth an exciting package of electro-acoustic dance music full of exciting melodic elements and inspired improvisations.


With the support of the Platform of the Center for Creativity (MAO Slovenia), supported by the Republic of Slovenia and European Union - Europen Regional Development Fund.